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Our firm established in 1998 with few employee, Now we have now evolved into a leading electronic in usa.

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We are Using the latest technology and expensive equipment raise conviency in repairing electronics gadgets.

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Punctuality is our one of the great impressions. Providing excellent service to customer is our primary goal.

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Obviously, with the advent of technology, our communication pattern and behaviour has drastically changed. Gone are the days, where people were highly dependent on the wired landline phones to make or receive a call.

Nowadays, diversified iOS and Android devices have become a prevalent factor in enhancing our communication process. Alongside, you can do a lot more using a smartphone these days. Starting from texting, sending and receiving emails to booking an online service; multiple purposes can be served through this device.

With the usage of a smartphone, everything is now at our fingertips. However, accidental mishaps or spillage can compel you to search for a “mobile repair shop near me’’. But, there is nothing to fret over, when we are here to offer the best assistance in smartphone repair.

Being one of the leading mobile repair companies in India, we have acquired an immense reputation. Moreover, when it comes to mobile repairing, it requires immediate assistance, as this sort of electronic device plays an indispensable role in our day-to-day activities.

By understanding our customer’s concerns, we have deployed experienced technicians who are available round the clock to fulfil your mobile-associated requirements. Get in touch with us and fix the phone within your budget and at the earliest.



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About Mobile Repair

Best-in-Class Solutions for Every smartphone — Mobile Repair Lucknow

Imagine a scenario where you are just about to take out the phone from its adapter and it suddenly falls from the table. It's definitely going to be a terrible experience, as it will completely become dysfunctional, due to the mishap.

Wait! Hold on! Don’t immediately think of buying a new one, as every technical problem can be resolved through our professional intervention.

Our experts of LG mobile service center have gathered extensive calibre in repairing every mobile phone, irrespective of its model. When it comes to owning a smartphone, you can come across enormous problems in the long run. Be it a broken screen repair or battery replacement — we cover every part of it.

Don’t delay in reaching out to us for retaining the device functionality at the earliest possible. After browsing through “mobile repair shop near me”, look out for our service domain to schedule an appointment with us. Most trustworthy and vetted technicians are just a few clicks away!

Mobile Repair Best Features

  • Water damaged phones.
  • Network related issues.
  • Broken screens & glass.
  • Speaker/Microphone Faults.
  • Upgrading Operating System.
  • Physically damaged handsets.

Renowned Mobile Brands

Our Mobile Repair Lucknow Team Mainly Covers

With the emergence of the technological revolution, a wide array of mobile manufacturers has come up with several devices for enhancing the user experience. And, we are one of the top-graded Redmi mobile service providers who have acquired a 100% success ratio in mobile repairing.

Once, you are done with searching “mobile repair near me” for software or mobile touch screen repair, our LG mobile service center experts will reach out to you shortly. Moreover, we are well aware of mobile brands that are highly available in India. Till now, we have recovered problems from these leading brands with our unparalleled technical knowledge:

Other More..

How to Work

How do We Technically Assist in
Mobile Repairing Process?

Broken Device

When the smartphone suddenly stops functioning, it’s obvious that you will search for a “mobile repair shop near me” for an easy recovery. Simply, slide into our service page, provide the required credentials, and don’t forget to mention the problem that you have recently encountered.

Pickup And Delivery

After the completion of the booking procedure, we will arrive at your mentioned destination, and within your preferred time and date, repair the device. Yes! You have absolutely read that right! You don't have to take up the hassle of bringing your device to our mobile service center. Along with this, we offer a plethora of facilities when it comes to repairing a renowned mobile brand.

Quick Fix

Receiving the device, our dedicated technician will undergo a preliminary analysis to determine the source of the problem. After the detection process, we will directly move to the repair and replacement part with the association of high-end tools and techniques.

Fast Return

We will reach out to you shortly after a complete monitoring process of the defective smartphone. Resolving technical problems with DIY hacks won’t provide durable results. For that, you have to search “ mobile service center near me” to extend the device longevity.

Mobile Repair Services

We Mainly Deal with —

If you are a resident of Lucknow, and searching for a “mobile repair shop near me” — consider us to serve you with a premium and impeccable repair service. Moreover, our technicians of Samsung mobile center have expertise in resolving simple fixes to long-term complications that can act as constraints during the accessibility. The utmost dedication of our technicians has strengthened our service platform. Recently, we have expanded our service network by joining hands with the top-ranked mobile repair professionals. They undertake every sort of repair work sincerely and maintain high professionalism. We strive for excellence, integrity, accuracy, and reliability when it comes to mobile touchscreen repair. Before you head towards the online booking process, here is the prolonged list of services that you can procure after searching for a “mobile repair center near me”.


Mobile Screen Repair

Have you accidentally broken the mobile screen? Is the screen flickering continuously? Then, it's high time to contact our skilled technicians. We are one of the largest mobile screen repair providers in Lucknow who believes in commitment. And, our service platform is well-stocked with the latest and age-old mobile screens that are in high demand these days.

Simply, become a member of our MI mobile repair center and unlock cost-effective service coupons. Here is the list of screen problems, that you can gain through our experts if you are searching for “Samsung mobile service center near me”:

  • Sudden crashed display screen
  • Discolored screen
  • Vertical or horizontal lines on the screen
  • Completely blank screen and other variant screen glitches

Well, if you are using the device for a long time, screen problems are quite certain to occur. Simply, book our mobile touch screen repair experts and the rest assured. For authentic and guaranteed mobile screen repair, you can always rely on us.


Mobile Battery Repair and Replacement

Being an eminent Redmi mobile center, we have specialized in replacing the completely dysfunctional mobile battery with ease. Moreover, our Vivo mobile service center experts can easily detect several battery issues, owing to their years of experience. Whether the device has failed to respond due to a drained battery or an overheated battery is responsible for such an occurrence, we cover every part of it.

Owning a problematic battery will cause continuous hindrance while performing an essential function. Therefore, simply, dial our Oppo mobile service center number and install a compatible battery beforehand. The majority of the smartphone users tend to search for “mobile repair shop near me” because of our vast undertaking of the charger problem.

The device will unexpectedly turn off when the battery becomes defective. Fortunately, our technicians have a vast knowledge of mobile repair and replacement. Join us and replace the battery with our immediate on-site assistance in mobile battery repair.


Mobile Charger Repair

When there is urgency in using the smartphone on a daily basis, unexpected wear and tear in the charger can cause severe disruption. Whether the cables have got damaged somehow or it is unable to produce sufficient charge due to accumulated dirt and dust — we are there to fix it.

When you look for, “Mobile repair center near me” opt for our service platform right away. Our Oppo mobile repair service center experts will first go through a thorough analysis of the problem. Right after that, our mobile charger repair professionals will replace the defective parts for your convenience. When it comes to mobile charger repair, the contribution of our Nokia service center exports is inevitable.


Mobile Camera Repair

Has the camera completely stopped functioning? Then, you must have browsed through “mobile repair near me” to avail immediate recovery solutions. Because a phone camera plays an essential part in capturing the life-events to reminisce. In a nutshell, it can be stated that these easy-to-access phone cameras add great value to those life-long memories.

However, when the device prevents you from accessing the camera, only a professional mobile camera repair expert can help you out. Our professionals associated with Vivo mobile repair service center can repair both rear and front cameras, without any hassle. With the implementation of the right tools and strategic planning, we complete the mobile camera repair process. However, the time to complete the repairing process might vary based on the device that you own.


Phone Speaker Repair

For repairing and replacing an inaudible mobile phone speaker, our mobile phone Lucknow company can provide effective outcomes. Moreover, when you are into mobile gaming or perform live stream through mobile, a high-functioning speaker is essentially required.

A completely dysfunctional audio speaker will even cause interruption during video calling, streaming online contents, and obviously whilst an important call. This is where our Redmi mobile service center comes into the work, by promptly repairing the phone speaker, irrespective of its model. Go through “mobile repair near me” for an instant phone speaker replacement service in Lucknow.

Sometimes, due to excessive moisture, or mishandling, the phone speaker can break down. But, there is nothing to worry about when our LG mobile service center specialists are there to help you out in your time of need.


Additional Service within your Budget

Wait! That’s not all! Our MI mobile service center experts can handle a vast spectrum of mobile repair maintaining high efficacy. Our persistent response for your “Mobile repair center near me” makes us worth hiring.

We have become a reputable mobile repair Lucknow company for rendering these following repair services as well:

  • Our Nokia mobile service center specialist can deal with recovering sluggish phone behaviour.
  • You get the privilege of resolving the phone storage capacity-related problems within a day.
  • Our Oppo mobile service experts can fix the MicroSD card related problems.
  • Additionally, our Vivo mobile service experts can retrieve continuous system crash or freeze and connectivity issues.
  • Repairs the unwanted synchronization failure issues and other mobile-phone related issues effectively.

Mobile Repair Lucknow

Why Should You Opt for Our Mobile Repair Lucknow Company?

When it comes to resolving phone-associated problems, we all think about the estimated time and service cost that need to be invested. We, being one of the recommended mobile repair service repair specialists have the potentiality to offer a wide range of services. Moreover, we have employed only certified technicians for mobile touch screen repair.

When you search “mobile repair shop near me” or “Samsung mobile service center near me”, simply look out for our site from the search results. We provide a warranty period on the repaired or replaced part.

When it comes to data prevention from potential vulnerabilities, we are hard to beat. No additional costs are attached to the service package that you select from our online portal. We even offer data recovery services to retrieve the essential media files in your smartphone.